Monday, October 7, 2013

Two very different old men crossed my path in a short matter of time today.

Since I have Mondays off now, I try to cram a lot into them.

I scurried into the local K-Mart for some curtain rods. I chose that store since the other big box "Mart" is always insanely busy...

As predicted, K-Mart had about 7 cars in the lot.

It looked like 4 shoppers and 3 employees.

They did not even have a cash register open ~ the gal at the customer service desk was ringing.

As I stood 2nd in line, thinking I wanted to get moving... the grumpiest of old men shuffled up behind me and loudly proclaimed "they should shut this store down. No one works here". I gently reminded him that it was not this cashier/customer service gal's fault, and that all over the country less people are expected to do much more work. He wasn't charmed by that. He didn't look like he ever knew what "hard work" meant even  back in his day... and I am sure he was in a big hurry to go nowhere.

However, I try not to let other people make their problems and attitude mine.

Another employee came to the rescue and opened up a register. Grumpy shuffled over and was on his way.

As I was next in line, another old fellow came up behind me, smiling and friendly. His wife was in a wheel chair, and they were talking about what a windy day it was, and they hoped the leaves all blew into their neighbors' yard. They chuckled about that. I had a few fun words with them, too.

As I got into my car, I thought how different two old fellows could be. I was glad I got to see them in that small time period. It was a contrasting eye opener.

It was also a reminder to me to treat people kindly and try not to blow off my big mouth if I happen to be inconvenienced for a moment or two. Who are you hurting with your anger except for yourself?

I am a Putnamaniac that will try to be like the nice old man, not the grumpy one!

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