Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poonge Nation (population 2) ready for Sox Nation!

My family traditionally has had great nicknames ~ like Skee (my brother) Si (my grandfather that my other brother was named after), Nubbins (my father), Digger (me), Choodalink (my brother), Zeus (my uncle) to name a few.

We also have great names for our living spaces ~ like The BIG G and little g (Uncle Terry's 2 garages), The Grand Allee (my mother's path along side the house), Lower DC (my sister and brother in law's finished basement/relaxing zone), and the Renegage Garden (of course my infamous garden at the condo) to name a few.

Well, of course this tradition has been carried on by myself and my former old boyfriend/now husband.

Way back when, we dated. Bob became "Bug". Somehow we both became "Poonge" or "Poonie". When we reunited, we immediately became using these nicknames again. It was only natural!

  A shot of us in NH on our short but wonderfully sweet honeymoon

It doesn't even embarrass us to call out across a store "Hey, Poonge, what kind of squash did you want?". It may turn others' heads, but sounds as right as rain to us.

So now that Poonge Nation, population 2, has their own home sweet home, we are ready to enjoy a little Sox Nation spirit tonight! Won't you join us in cheering on the Sox in Game 6 of the World Series?

I am a Putnamaniac that loves being a part of both Poonge Nation and Red Sox Nation!

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