Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Todd's House of Carpets in Danielson makes your house one of greatness!

Since we bought the fixer upper house about a month ago, we've done a lot of work - most of it with our own hands.

Carpets for the bedroom were beyond us, though, and since we had used Lowes for some appliance needs during this project, (since they were open later in the evening when we finally got home from work), we signed them up to do the carpets, too. As much as I love to shop in local, family owned businesses, sometime schedules dictate otherwise.

Many days later, we got a call saying the Lowes outfit could come out in a couple of weeks to measure. It was something like on a Thursday afternoon from 1-3pm, a time when we are at work. We could see this was going to be a long drawn out affair, and after all the filth and work we'd been through already, we were looking to get a room or two completed to lift our spirits.

The answer to our dilemma? Local business, of course. After a quick call to Todd's House of Carpets, located at 82 Main Street in Danielson, we were close to being in heaven.

Todd understood our dilemma and asked if he needed to come out to measure, or if I could measure and bring in the results myself. I whipped out my tape measure, drew up a spec sheet of all 3 bedrooms, and drove down to meet Todd and his wife.

My timing was fabulous. Todd's had just gotten in quite a few rolls of carpet large enough to meet our needs. I had my choice, ordered, paid, and was scheduled for installation the next Monday (I am lucky enough to have Mondays off with my new job to get these sorts of things done now). The installers from Todd's House of Carpets were in and out and done with 3 bedrooms in under 3 hours. WOW. Better yet, it was all done much quicker than Lowes would have gotten to it, AND it was approximately $400 less than the Lowes price.

Moral to the story: Stick with local, family owned businesses if you can. Don't assume you can get better or cheaper product and/or service from a big box outfit. Give local businesses, like Todd's House of Carpets, a chance. They have much more say and power over what they are doing and what they can do for you. Plus, they give a darn!

I am a Putnamaniac that was thrilled with local business, Todd's House of Carpets!

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