Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Corn husking!

Yesterday as I was driving home on the back roads of Eastford, I saw a lady sitting on her front steps, husking some ears of corn!

(generic photo found online)

How many times have you done that in your life?

My grandfather, "Poppa Moone" lived right next door to me when I was a kid. Our houses were separated by his huge veggie garden. That was my favorite place to be!

Gosh, I can remember back to when I barely was able to walk, but I was sitting on the steps, husking corn. It is so much cleaner to just take it outside, enjoy the summer heat, and peel away the husks and silk. We'd then feed the chickens all those husks. Win - Win !

You can bet that I ate more than my share of corn over the years, too. I guess that is why I didn't mind sitting and husking.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to sit on the steps and husk my ears of corn!

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