Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I do Follow the Fifty ~ Models of Heart Health!

I am and have been a "follower" of the fifty teams of heart healthy models and their coaches since they first began.

I even have a "follower" t-shirt. On the back it says boldly "Ask me why I follow the fifty".

Every time I wear that shirt, someone asks me why I follow, and so I tell them.

Tomorrow morning after the 7am news, my friend Kat and I will get to tell the listeners of WINY Radio why we are followers!

I follow because they've inspired me and kept me focused on taking care of myself and making good lifestyle choices (even when it is not easy).

From tooting in my car to the Red Shirts walking on the River Trail...
...to cheering them on in local race events...
...to the Broadway Live show in Dec (thanks to tickets we won from WINY)!...
...to the support & friendship I see them continue to give to each other...

FTF has inspired me and the have most certainly inspired my friend, Kat.

I hope this "domino effect" keeps happening and continues to reach more and more of us.

Kat is a total Super Model of choosing to live a healthy heart, body & soul lifestyle.

She should be proud of making these choices and she is now inspiring others.
FYI, Kat recently walked the early bird 6am Deary Walk with Follow the Fifty leader Linda Colangelo, model Karyn DiBonaventura, me, and a few of the other FTF sisters, too.

Kat completed the 5 miles FASTER than she did the O'Putnam 5k/3.1 miles back in March. (And we socialized, stopped and took pictures along the way, etc). The Deary event was a goal she set for herself and was certainly a huge accomplishment!!!

Kat  has lost weight, but most importantly she is making good choices every day and is focusing on a life style including a healthy heart, body and soul. You can see her shining more and more every day.

I've also asked morning host, Gary O if he could play Joe Cocker's version of the Beatle's "With a little help from my friends" and dedicate it to all the FTF sisterhood and coaches, as well as all of the adopted sisters and followers for the "Forgotten 45" feature spot at 8:20am.

After all, we all sure can be inspired with a little help from our friends!

I am a Putnamaniac that follows the fifty and is inspired continually by them!

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