Monday, August 19, 2013

Three days of bad choices is stopping right now - we can all do it!

Well, it sure is easy to make good habits, but far easier to make bad habits...

I work VERY hard at making and sticking to good choices and habits.
However, every now and then it is easy to slip up.

Last week I had three days in a row of bad choices:
1) Thursday night I gave in to a slice of cheese pizza while volunteering at Third Thursday in Willimantic
2) Friday night I cooked a meal with pasta...and although it was whole wheat pasta, I sure did eat way more than I should have and way more than I needed.
3) Saturday night we went out for a nice birthday celebration with the mothers at The Corner Bistro, in Scituate, RI.  I chose eggplant parm, thinking that looked like a pretty good vegetarian choice. I never get that sort of item, and although it was yummy, it was battered and fried, plus a side of pasta came with it. I managed to control my intake and shared with others, but still ate something I usually never eat.

So, after three days of knowingly making some bad choices, I got right back on track. We can all do it! It is surely a conscious matter of choice. While it is certainly nice to treat yourself to something once in a while, you can see how these "treats" could easily turn into bad choices and then bad habits.

Take control of your life and your choices. This should be in all aspects of your life!

You can do it! It is your life, after all.

I am a Putnamaniac that works very hard on making good choices and keeping good habits!

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