Thursday, August 29, 2013

Give us this day...our Daily Bread...Thankfully IHSP and Daily Bread does provide!

The Daily Bread food bank, a branch of Interfaith Human Services of Putnam, is located right in Putnam.

This summer I have had the pleasure to not only donate a tiny bit of money, but also to donate some of my time to the Daily Bread.

It is an eye opener, for many reasons, as you can well sit and imagine while reading this.

Growing up, our family did not have a lot of material things, nor a big budget, but we did have a big garden.

We (my mother, that is, spent hours over a hot stove in the summer) canned the harvest, to enjoy the bounty all winter long. Green beans, tomatoes and more..... There were always bushels of winter squash and potatoes in the basement. Yum!

We had chickens, so we always had fresh eggs.

We had goats, so we had fresh milk.

We had my grandparents living next door, so they fed us often, too.

We knew how to stretch the food and still eat well with a small amount of money.

My mom learned from her mom (my grandmother), who raised and cooked deliciously for 6 children and husband (my grandfather) on an even smaller budget. I learned from them as well.

Not everyone has all that going for them while living on a low budget.

The Daily Bread and food banks everywhere throughout the world help fill this need. 

It is good to give some of yourself back to the community. It really gets you thinking, and appreciating things you may take for granted, either now or in the past.

Step up and find something that you may be able to do to help your community. People are made to help each other. You will inspire someone else and not even know it!

You can "like" Daily Bread on Facebook here.

I am a Putnamaniac that is thankful for my Daily Bread!

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