Saturday, August 24, 2013

Washing machine... and soon... a dryer!!!! Here we come Bousquet's Appliance!

It has been said that I can get excited easily, and over very simple things!

Well, I guess I don't like to take too much for granted, and I really try to remember to appreciate everything - big and small.

Big days of excitement are coming my way.....

Since I bought the condo in 2008, I've only had a washing machine. It is a beauty! One of those high efficiency ones... clothes come out very clean and well spun (aka not soaking wet).

However, I never got the dryer to go with it... so for 5 years I have been washing and hanging everything up to dry over a nice old fashioned rack, the shower curtains, and sometimes even a door!

Not the most efficient way to go, but it worked.

With the move and purchase of a house coming very soon, I am going to treat myself  to a new washer (my current beauty is staying with the condo), and also a dryer!!! 


I'm sure old, stingy, New England habits will die hard, and I will continue to hang some things, but I am going to do the happy dance when I get to use a dryer again!

I'll be headed to Bousquet's Appliances (with locations in Danielson and Putnam) to get the new stuff (including a stove and fridge, too).

If you are looking for a good deal and great service, be sure to check Bousquet's out.
I am a Putnamaniac that is looking forward to a DRYER!!! 

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