Thursday, August 22, 2013

Johnston & Associates Real Estate ~ Making our dreams come true as we speak!

Well, here I go again!

Literally ~ here I go again.

Once again I am on the move, out of the condo and in to a fixer upper ranch with great potential here in Putnamania!

With the closing date for each transaction quickly approaching, color me excited!

Although this will be the SIXTH home that I am buying, it is the first one that I am buying with someone else.

This is a much different situation to adjust to! I have been a "take charge" person in my personal life, since it was just me for all those years.

With a soon to be husband (who has moved very few times in his life, and has never gone through the home purchasing procedure) in the picture now, it is actually a bit more of a challenge to go through this sales/purchase/moving process.

My saving grace...well, her name is not Grace, but Rachael.

Meet Rachael Johnston of Johnston & Associates Real Estate.

I first met Rachael when I took the Real Estate Practices & Principals course at QVCC a few years back. Clearly she was a special sort of person ~ caring, honest, hard working, sincere ~ top shelf!
I've also been lucky enough to have stayed connected to Rachael since then, in many other arenas... through Rotary Roses, caroling at Christmas, following her and the Follow the Fifty Sisterhood, at local heart healthy events, volunteering at the Daily Bread...

Now, we are winding down on our latest connection. As the Johnston & Associates mantra states, they are "making our dreams come true."

The calm, honest, straight forward, organized and efficient way that Rachael has guided us through the sale of the condo and purchase of the future BEST house in Putnam has been extraordinary!

If you are considering selling your home or buying a home, please give Rachael a call.
Office: 860-923-3377
Cell: 860-450-9562
You will be in the best hands in the world.

I am a Putnamaniac, and my dreams are coming true, thanks to Johnston & Associates Real Estate!

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